Fallout Power Armor

I always wanted to model a piece of emblematic power armor from Fallout and it was both challenging and super fun to do!

Smith & Wesson 686

This gun started as a modelling doodle, and I ended up having a lot of fun working on it!

Textures are 4k for the beauty shots, and polycount is at 12k total (it could easily be reduced to less than 10 but I went overboard with my beauty shots )

(sorry for the super low rez viewer though )

Made with max, substance, and marmoset, hope you guys like it!

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Fallout Laser rifle

This Laser rifle was made with max (around 13k poly), textured in painter (with a 2k texture set)

and rendered on marmoset toolbag.

I've had a lot of fun working on this one!

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First part of a big Fallout fan art

Bethesda games are what inspired me to get in the game industry and to keep working until someday I may work on one of their games <3 So as a big fan I had to pay them tribute at some point!

2 textures set for the truck (4k for the outside 2k for the inside and under the car) and a 2k set for the trunk props). (Car based on a 1950 Chevrolet 3100)

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Scar L assault rifle

This gun was made with 3dsMax (around 25k polygons with the attachments included) and a 4K texture for the gun and 2K for all the attachments.

I made my textures with Substance Painter, and it's rendered in Marmoset.

This project was very fun to work on!

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Trapper's cabin

This scene was a lot of fun, and I learned a ton while doing it,

snow was inspired by the amazing tutorial from Jaccob Norris which was an great base for my shader!

I worked a lot with Zbrush and substance to improve my skills as much as I could!

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M9 Smith & Wesson knife

The knife was made in Max, and textured with Substance Painter 2 and Ndo, hope you enjoy!

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Glock 17 Gen 3

Glock 17 made with 3ds Max and Substance painter and Photoshop. 4K Poly, 4K Textures

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Maserati Granturismo

I wanted to work on a car to try something new, and it turned out to be a lot of fun can't wait to do it again!

With this Maserati I wanted a small polycount (not race game material) around 12K (wheels included) and a 2K PBR texture set for the car.

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AKM made with 3ds Max and Substance painter, learned a lot about Substance thanks to the amazing tutorial from Tim Bergholz, always amazing when big league pro gives us tips and share their workflow!

This AK was my first project using Substance, and I can't wait to start the next one!

Around 11k polys, and 4k textures.

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Last Update 03/03/2018